Pep Talk for Democrats and Independents



OK. Kavanaugh was a loss, a gut-wrenching loss, like the “election” of the president two years ago. But let’s not forget that Kavanaugh was one of the least popular Supreme Court nominees in history. And what that makes crystal clear is that the Republican Party is not representing the interests of the majority of Americans.

WE ARE THE MAJORITY. BUT ONLY IF YOU VOTE. If we elect Democrats, you can count on us to represent the interests of the whole country. We are for tax breaks for the middle class, not just the rich. We are for respecting and protecting women’s rights, voting rights, and health care as a human right. We are for clean  air and clean water. We are for investments in education, including fair pay for teachers and affordable access to college for all who want to go. We are for safe schools and sensible gun safety measures supported by 80% of the American people. We are for respecting the tradition of immigration that has made our country strong.

So VOTE for DEMOCRATS on November 6th, or earlier if your state allows. But remember what you are voting FOR. You are voting FOR fixing the damage created by this administration. And also FOR building on the progress we have made in the past as a people. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Explain to them why it is so important to vote THIS YEAR in THIS ELECTION. Thanks for all you do.”

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