SELECTED CARTOONS: excerpts from a larger collection. Obviously, I need help with the drawing part…… I’ve added captions where the words are hard to read.

Binthere Airport: Hourly Parking – Daily Parking – Satellite Parking
Each time I call I go through the automated system. Then it tries to connect me to a customer rep…. but I get a busy signal and get cut off. Wait. Wait. I’m on hold. Thank God I’m on hold.
Health Food Sex (50% off) The Whipped Cream Chronicles (Going fast. Reserve your copy today!)

Hi. Im your new health insurannce company. To meet our needs we have to raise your co-pay. How much do you make? About $30,00 per year. That’s great! Your new copay is $30,000 per year. After you spend all your money we’ll take good care of you. Yes. very good care of you.


I asked a friend to help me straighten my house but she never called back. Then I asked an interior decorator, but she walked out. Finally I got an expert in Feng Shuei to come over….. he killed himself.
Taxidermist – Veterinarian Our Motto: Either way you get your dog back.
Honey, this electricity looks different. Did you change our power company again?
Salt – Pepper – Bacteria
I’ve decided to empty my purse and open a museum.


(more to come…..)