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Stop what you're doing and read at least one of the following books by Richard Dawkins. It will change your view of life on earth:

1. The Selfish Gene
2. The Blind Watchmaker
3. The Greatest Show on 
4. The Ancestor's Tale


5 Reasons Why Americans will love Cricket (if given the chance)
See the article published on

Why guys don't
go to doctors -

Sunflowers in

Dumber than a Rat (with Preamble)

Bad Medicines

Paris Revisited

Green Chile Lentil Soup

Computer Art Experiments in Color on Color and Color on Black

The Right Side
is the Left Side

Driving in Ireland

The 10th Couch

15 minute
Green Chile Stew

400 Man Bobsled

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What does a Chess Game
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Terry Wilson, writer and writing coach: Terry is great! She makes you feel good about your writing and yourself, and will push you to do your best. INDIVIDUAL COACHING & CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOPS. Click here.

Sol Impressions and Tibetan Ocean Massage: My daughter Julie Friedman and her husband Wangho are owners of this terrific massage studio in Breckenridge, Colorado... and are activists in the fight for Tibetan rights. Read the Summit News article about Wangho's background including his life as a young Tibetan monk and his escape from China. Click here.

Plan-it Janet Organizing the Planet One Closet at a Time. Mark's sister, Janet, is a Broadway stage manager with extraordinary powers of organization (and many other fine qualities, including a great sense of humor). Her organizing business addresses everything from closets to parties, personal bills and schedules. Also check out Janet's Stage Manager website And Bed Bug Busters addressing the return of bedbugs (and they're not cute) to NY City. In fact the resurgent bedbugs are coming soon to a town near you. And they can even be brought back from staying in hotels. Once inside your house, they are difficult and expensive to get rid of. For those of you who do any traveling, you should check out the Bed Bug Travel Kit.

27,000 Haiku Poems: A Haiku poem can be defined as three lines of 5 - 7 - 5 syllables. The maximum number of words, therefore, is 17 and the minimum is 3. This page of 5 and 7 syllable words can be used  to create 27,000 3-word Haiku poems. It's a start. (Note: Twitter is the new Haiku and/or a perfect format to send @everyone #Haiku #poems.)

Confessions of a Failed Saint: Terry's new memoir about growing up Catholic in Buffalo and life in Santa Fe. "Wise, Witty and Hilarious" says Sean Murphy, author of "One Bird, One Stone." Everyone loves this book! Available on



The Origin of Consciousness: The Natural Selection of Choice-Making Systems:This is a serious book about a very big question. Presumptuous? Yes. Right? Maybe! If the origin of consciousness is something you've wondered about, check it out. Available on



Create your own Natural Humidifier for free! Commercial humidifiers are dangerous breeding grounds for mold. Follow this simple, free, four step design to raise room humidity without mold. Check out the reference on Wikipedia.

The Diet Construction Kit TM
The place where
The Little Book of Results-Based Dieting began. Anyone who can use Excel can use this tool to lose weight. It's free and it really works. In a classic case of putting one's money where one's mouth is, here is One Year on a Diet, a lean, if not mean, example of a turned curve from personal experience.


Scrabble Ideas, including how to remove the element of luck from Scrabble and make it more like Chess: With the advent of the new SuperScrabble board (21 by 21 squares with 200 letters) we can now create a version of the game that completely eliminates luck. With only two simple rule changes, Scrabble becomes more like Chess, with opening moves and a whole new way of thinking about strategy. Other interesting Scrabble ideas are shown including fun rule variations and Nonsense Scrabble......and also a link to a great on-line Scrabble site.

Check out
Con Hogan's
Also Met Along
the Way


Mark's Music This is the best of classical and other music compositions that Mark wrote mostly in 2003, finally produced in MP3 format so you can download and play them.

Check out
the songs of Stephen Shapiro
(including new Iraq anti-war songs)


Powers of Ten Link:
Click here: Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics and You - Powers Of 10: Interactive Java Tutorial This is one of the most powerful and important movies ever made, showing the scale of things from an atomic nucleus to the size of our galaxy. It is the quintessential statement about perspective...

Check out the Art of Kenneth Koskela


Snowflake Fractal by Mark FriedmanFeather Fractal



Fractals are an important new way to see the world. A fractal is a pattern that is similar at every level of magnification.  Snowflakes,  ferns and coastlines are classic fractals.

vs. Coke


Here are some beautiful fractals from the granddaddy of all fractals, the Mandelbrot set. Click here to see them. They're taken from a wonderful computer program called Fractint. (Note that the Results-based budget schematic - Volume I and Volume II - is also a fractal - and is now click-on wallpaper.) But Fractint has been surpassed by another amazing program: Ultra This is brilliant software that allows you to control all aspects of a fractal's creation. Click here to see some of the fractals produced with Ultrafractal. And check out this Cool Fractal Website!

You can generate your own fractals from the program that produced the some of the ones on this website. Click here. Send me some of the beautiful pictures you produce. Or you could purchase your own copy of Ultrafractal. (I get no commission for this.) Chaos and complexity theory, including fractal imagery, have much to teach us about how the social universe works. Click here to read the Epilogue of Trying Hard Is Not Good Enough


collaboration game board.gif (16481 bytes)The Collaboration Game 

Most all games have a winner and a loser. The basic version of The Collaboration Game is one where the only way to win is for everyone to win. But there are also variations which simulate the different roles and conflicting objectives found in real life groups working together. Consider it an over-the-edge experiment in group process. Click here for a copy of the rules and game board. And, if you are crazy enough to try this, please let me know how it turns out.  Check out Collaboration Game #2 for Large Groups.

The Miracle of Flight

Humorous Meditations of a Frequent Flier The full text is now available. (So much for selling the book.) Click on the picture. Enjoy. (Anyone who still wants an official printed copy can send $ 14.95 to the address on your screen.) An excerpt from Miracle of Flight was published in the July 2001 issue of the national humor magazine "Funny Times." Ironic timing as you'll see when you read the section on airport "security." Unfortunately not much has changed.

What does a chess game look like?What does a Chess Game "look like?"
A graphic mathematical representation of a chess game can be generated using a formula that converts each move into a point in the xy plane.


How to get yourself to write
Rules to write by and what to do when you get stuck.

Green Chile Recipes   Click here

Green chile stew, green chile salad and green chile garlic bread!!
NEW: Green chile lentil soup

Humor, Humility, Honesty, Hard Work  

Another version of four H's which seems to work. These are the words we live by (or try to) here at the Institute. Look for future mindless rhetoric and moralizing on this site.

A Complete Course in Supervision in Under 5 Minutes

An old piece of writing about one of the biggest problems in management: bad supervision. I once asked a group of managers at the beginning of a supervision course: "How many people here know someone who left a job because of a bad supervisor?" Almost every hand went up. Here's a simple guide that will help get new (and some old) supervisors thinking in the right direction. Click here. Take a look at this posting from AOL: The 7 Pitfalls of taking a new job - great advice for new and old supervisors alike.

Street Map of the USA by Mark FriedmanA Street Map of the USA

An interesting simplified schematic of the US interstate highway system. Click here.



Muscial Hyperspace by Mark FriedmanMusical Hyperspace

A theory of chord progressions using the three 4-tone diminished chords as hyperspace shortcuts. This schematic can be used to explain many of the innovative chord progressions used by classical and other composers and to create new ones. Click here for a description of the theory and some examples.


Humor and more Humor

A selection of some not-so-serious pieces created over the years....

Humorous Essays  and Poems
(Proceed with caution.)

Mostly to Completely Serious Essays

A One Act Play by Mark Friedman:
Waiting for Waiting for Godot
A Comitragedy in One Act
Contact Mark at for information on producing this play.


Painting Norway Scene Mark FriedmanPainting Flower Vase Mark FriedmanPaintings
Prints are available. Inquire at
One Person Show  in Santa Fe: June 1 to June 30, 2003

Computer Art by Mark Friedman Computer Art by Mark FriedmanComputer Art: Experiments in Color on Color and Color on Black

How to move Ipod music from a PC to a Mac

Why I hate Microsoft

Why I love my Macbook Pro: You open it up and it works right away! No more time waiting for the computer!











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