Results-Based Accountability (RBA) and Outcomes-Based Accountability (OBA)

MDF : 10/9/1990

A Complete Course in Supervision in Under 5 Minutes

Common Misconceptions, Pitfalls and Problems

1. Too much of our thinking about supervision is driven by the 1 % of people who don't want to do a good job. Nearly all employees want to do a good job. Harsh supervision will drive out and discourage good employees.

2. Too much of our thinking is driven by the old military model of command. Ask people, don't order people.

3. Insecurity leads to two traps for new supervisors:

a. The "I want everyone to like me." trap, and
b. The "Damn it I'm the boss!" trap.

   Try to relax, keep your cool and walk between the traps.

The right way to think about supervision, words to live by etc.

1. The job of supervisor is to create an environment where people can do their best.

2. Supervisory methods (and approximate % of time)

Ask                            65%
Persuade                    20%
Cajole                        10%
Insist                            4%
Demand                       1%

3. Be fair; Keep your standards; Keep your sense of humor.

4. Praise publicly. Criticize privately.

5. Always say "thank you."