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Here’s a game, developed at the FPSI Gaming Division,
that can be used for team building or just for fun.
In the basic version, everyone wins or no-one wins.

Scrabble has been our family game for many decades. Once you play on the Super-Scrabble expanded board version, the original board feels claustrophobic. Click on the picture for a link to the Amazon page for Super-Scrabble. We developed a few unique rules that make the game more fun including:
1. At the beginning of the game, pick 8 letters and put one back.
2. After each play, pick one more letter than you used and put
one of the picked letters back.
3. Keep the blanks in circulation by replacing the blank with its
designate letter, provided you use the blank on that turn.

We also play on line at a great site called


This is a great game for building logic and spacial reasoning. The starter games are easy 6×6 and progress to complex 15×15 boards. I’ve completed over 1,000 of these puzzles. There is only one solution to each puzzle, and this means you sometimes have to admit you were wrong and start over. Wouldn’t that be a great skill for everyone to learn.