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Commercial Humidifiers are Dangerous!

Create your own "Natural Humidifier" for Free!

THE PROBLEMHumidifiers are dangerous breeding grounds for mold! No matter how often you clean them, commercial humidifiers have nooks and crannies that are never completely free of mold. And it grows back very quickly after cleaning. As I have learned the hard way, mold is a trigger for many respiratory problems. Humidifiers chronically infected with mold are machines that literally pump mold into your lungs. Yet dry air is a problem too. Raising room humidity is generally good for your lungs. How can you increase room humidity without mold? 

Natural Humidifier (without lasso)THE SOLUTION: Create your own "natural humidifier" using the following simple technique:

1. Materials: small table, stainless steel bowl, bath towel, rock.
2. Put the bowl on top of the table and fill it partially with water.
3. Put the towel over the bowl and use the rock to sink the center of the towel to the bottom of the bowl. 
4. Refill the water as needed, and replace the old towel with a clean one every one or two days.

That's it!! The water diffuses through the towel through capillary action and then evaporates into the air. By replacing the towel and cleaning the bowl (no nooks and crannies to worry about) you hydrate the air without mold.


(1) For those of you with the problem of too much humidity, check out dehumidifier ratings here. 
(2) To monitor the success of this natural humidifier, go to and buy two hygrometers (about $7 each). Place one in the room with the natural humidifier and one outside that room . The difference in relative humidity is the effect of the natural humidifier. I checked this in the high desert dry air of Santa Fe, NM, there was a 10% to 20% difference. Over time, you should compare to the outside humidity since inside humidity will gradually increase throughout the house with use of any humidifier. 
(3) The amount of water that air will hold (humidity) is dependent on temperature, altitude and weather. One advantage of this natural  humidifier is that you can never put more water into the air than it can hold. Traditional commercial humidifiers often do exactly that. The excess  water then settles on all the surfaces of the room, making things damp and creating still more places for mold to grow.

(1) When replacing the towel, partially pre-soak it so that it immediately begins evaporating the water over its whole surface area. 
(2) Place a plastic cover on the floor under the table, so that the water doesn't drip down, get the floor or rug wet and create the mold problem all over again. One good way to create a pan to catch excess water is to get the largest plastic piece they sell to go under flower pots. If the pan diameter is too small, the towel may hang over the edges and water will still get on the floor. To stop this, take a 3 or 4 foot length of ordinary rope and create a lasso that can be pulled tight around the lower portion of the towel to bring the ends in toward the center.
(3) A small metal garden table is a good choice because it doesn't absorb water.

I hope this helps you. Feel free to write and let me know:

Mark Friedman
Santa Fe, NM