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This is a somewhat radical reconstruction of traditional chord theory. The usual progression of keys by 5ths is presented in the center circle. (Each entry is for all variants of any given chord: major, minor, seventh, augmented, diminished etc.) The usual progressions from key to key are represented in two ways. The movement from subdominant to dominant to tonic is represented in the usual way by movement around the circle. Skips from, for example, CM to Am for example are shown in the outer rings.

Here's the real innovation. If you go up the scale in increments of 4 half tones you get a 4 note chord that is an extended diminished. THERE ARE ONLY THREE SUCH CHORDS!!

D1: C -  Eb -  Gb -  A
D2: Db - E  -   G -   Bb
D3: D  -  F  -  Ab  -  B

These chords represent MUSICAL HYPERSPACE. It is possible to jump from one key to another using these chords as a bridge, tunnel or worm hole. So for example:

C - D1 - Gb - Db - D3 - Bb - F - G - C


Cm - D1 - Ebm - D1 - GbM - D1 - Dbm - D2 - B - E - A - D - G

This second example can produce music like this:

Musical Hyperspace can be used to explain many of the innovative chord progressions found in classical and modern music. And it can be used to create new ones!!!

If you read this and find it interesting, I would love to know what you think.  Write to me at [email protected]