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Musical Hyperspace

Mark's Music

This is music composed on Cakewalk Music Creator in 2003 and finally posted here in 2006. These are the best of about 16 compositions completed that year. I hope you enjoy them. I would love to hear from you. Write to Mark at [email protected] . Naturally, there are limitations to the performance quality of this music, using Cakewalk's limited performance features and the not-so-great quality of pc sound cards. Considering all those things, it's really not too bad. But if there are any brave souls out there who would like to actually perform any of this music, you could be the first. Write to me at the same email address for the score(s).

Brass Trio 1

Piano Trio 2

String Quartet #1
     Movement 1
     Movement 2
    Movement 3

Piano Solo 1

Fanfare 1

Percussion 1

Note: For those of you who got the cassette tape version of this music, the String Quartet movement 3 is new and I think the best of the lot....

And, if you were wondering about the delay between 2003 and 2006, it's because Microsoft programs are so unfriendly to music and other artistic endeavors, and because Cakewalk Music Creator is a very difficult product to use. So it took me this long to figure out how to translate the Cakewalk files to MP3 format. For those of you using Cakewalk Music Creator, here is the set of procedures I finally figured out. Hope this will save you some time. Can't wait to get a Mac....