Results-Based Accountability (RBA) and Outcomes-Based Accountability (OBA)



1. Time Wholesalers

2. The Escher Coffee Prize

3. Organizations still waiting
for their first Foundation Grant

4. Translating Common Budget
Questions and Phrases

5. Other Block Grants
worth considering

6. FPSI Company Policies

7. Buying a Car: Negotiating
a New Buyer/Dealer Relationship

8. The First Results Based Systems

9. The New Age Name Construction Kit

10. The Miracle of Flight

11. Signs that Your Fax Line is Truly Dedicated

12. Getting to the Airport on Time

13. The 400 Man Bobsled

14. Wedding Evaluation

15. Driving Offenses

16. Bad Medicines

17. Why guys don't go to doctors - Explained

18.  Other Humorous Essays


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